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RipBAR was first released in 1992 and has been continually revised and enhanced since then. Here is a summary of features (or as much as we could remember!)

Application Dock
You can of course, dock any application or document on the bar. When you do, you can configure the image displayed for that item, the hotkey to be associated with it, its task priority, and command line options and so on and so on... no other application offers so many launching options. Of course, you'll be able to individually size items and arrange them on the bar.

Information Center
RipBAR installs with a wide variety of tools and plugins. These include:

  • Time & date display (digital and analog)
  • Resource usage
  • Memory gauges
  • Disk space gauges
  • Stock ticker
  • Weather forecasting
  • System Volume controls
  • Post-It style notes
  • WinAmp control
  • CPU activity gauge

For more information on the included plugins, go here.

Project Support
If you often open certain combinations of application or documents, you'll enjoy RipBAR's project support. With it, you set up groups of items that open with a single click.

Item Groups
Groups of items can be set up on the bar. Choose to access the groups from the tabbed interface or the Navigator -- or both... like so many other features in RipBAR, it is completely customizable.





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