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RipSPACE is an application written for Windows 95/98 & Windows NT V4.0, that analyzes a drive and the space that each sub directory on it, consumes. In other words, you'll now be able to find out how much space your Windows installation is taking up, or how much drive space you'll gain if you delete the WordPounder word processor you installed but never use.

Sporting a Windows Explorer type interface, RipSPACE 98 features:

  • Real and OS-reported space usage for directories
  • Automatic report refresh when space on a drive changes
  • Disk space usage graphs
  • Full printed report capability with print preview
  • Ability to delete files directly from within RipSPACE.
  • Ability to determine "wasted" space due to disk cluster size
  • and more...

To try RipSPACE, go to the RipSPACE Download Page.


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RipSPACE 98 is $19.95 but you can download a copy for free to try for 30 days.

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