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RipBAR 2003

What's New In RipBAR 2003


Now anybody can author plugins for RipBAR. Plugins offer dynamic, interactive content in an always-available, convenient way. RipBAR 2003 installs with a number of ready-to-use plugins including:

  • Stock Ticker
  • WinAmp plugin
  • Weather forecast
  • System volume control

More about Plugins.


In-Place Customization
RipBAR 2003 now supports in-place editing of items on the bar. 

Choose Customize Mode from the RipBAR menu, and RipBAR enters a design mode where you can:

  • Edit the size of items on the bar
  • Select multiple items to delete, copy, move etc.

When in this mode, you can't launch items on the bar. When you click on an item, a sizing rectangle is drawn around it. By dragging one of the sides of that sizing rectangle, you can resize the item.

Additionally, RipBAR now supports standard clipboard operations, so you can select one or more items, choose Copy and then go to another group and select Paste.


New Item Styles
A number of new item styles are included including 'List' and 'List no icon'. In addition, you can custom-size each item using the new In-Pace Customization support.


Automatic Upgrade Notification
RipBAR 2003 can now notify you when software updates are available. How often this check is made can be configured in RipBAR's Options dialog.


Other Features

  • Support for Windows XP Themes
  • Enhanced Notes Tool functionality
  • Support for transparency (Windows 2000 & XP)
  • Advanced Power Management support
  • More!