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What's New In 2003!
For a quick overview of what's new in RipBAR 2003, go here.

Feature List
For more detailed information about what RipBAR does see the Feature List.

To download RipBAR, check out our RipBAR Download Page.

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RipBAR is your
desktop control center.

it launches applications and documents

it is a dashboard loaded with dials and gauges for showing you how much work your CPU is doing, how much free space is left on your hard disk, and much, much more

it is the start menu on steroids where you set up things the way you want them

arrange items into groups, set up items on the bar exactly how you like them -- add captions, make the icons small or large, it's up to you

Post-it style notes (with event timers), New Email notification, Themes, and lots more are all included.

So, take the Online RipBAR Tour, check out the RipBAR Spec Sheet for more detailed information, and most importantly, download RipBAR and check it out for yourself!