Tour Stop 1: New Item Styles


One of the most exciting new features is one that will seem so natural in RipBAR 2000 that it is surprising that it wasn't part of the original release: RipBAR Item Display Styles.

Now you can right-click on any item on the bar and set that item to be Normal, Double Width, Double Height, Small, Caption Right amongst others. This means that any item can be set to display its name next to its icon (Caption Right) or to be very large (Double Width & Double Height)... or anything in between!

In the picture on the right, the Clock tool is set as Caption Right Wide which means that it takes up three normal-sized spaces and has room for both an Analog display (which is also new in RipBAR 2000) and a digital time/date display. The Memory tool as well, is set to Caption Right Wide so that there is room for both graphical and textual display.

Also, note the row of small icons underneath the Memory tool: these commonly-used applications have been set to Small and take up half as much room as Normal sized items.

Finally, take note of the Run tool and the various RipBAR dialup configurations that are set to display their names next to the icons.

On our next stop on the tour, we'll show you another exciting feature pertaining to display...