RipBAR Information Sheet  

RipBAR is an application toolbar for Windows, Windows 95 and Windows NT. All versions look and work in similar ways (with exceptions made for operating system-specific features).

Whether you are using Windows 3.1, Windows 95, or Windows NT, RipBAR offers the best way to organize your most frequently-used applications, documents, and web sites.

In addition to being able to place shortcuts to your favorite items on the bar, RipBAR comes pre-loaded with a number of very useful tools:

  • Memory gauges
  • Resource gauges
  • Time & Date display
  • Command line launching tool
  • Quick-exit and logoff
  • Post-It style notes for those things you don't dare forget
  • and more!

RipBAR allows you to group your toolbar items into groups and each group is accessible via a group tab -- so that no matter how many items are on the bar, everything is just a click away. RipBAR allows you to customize each item on the bar in a multitude of ways -- you can:

  • Specify a hotkey for the item that will activate it from anywhere within Windows
  • Specify command line parameters
  • Customize the item's icon
  • Specify the items priority when it gets launched (95 & NT only)
  • Specify that before launching the item always prompts for command line parameters
  • and more!

Groups of items on the bar can be "popped up" into their own group window and there, you can choose to display items as icons or as a list -- perfect for groups whose items have long names (like documents or shortcuts to web sites).

Unlike other toolbars like Microsoft Office, RipBAR comes in one compact executable -- no need for hundreds of DLL files, no memory bloat-- which results in a performance advantage.

Unlike the Windows 95 desktop, you don't need to minimize all of your running applications to find something. You can Alt-TAB to RipBAR, select it from the taskbar, or specify a hotkey that will activate RipBAR from anywhere in Windows -- this means getting to items stored on RipBAR is faster and more convenient! You can even specify that RipBAR "hide itself" until activated which means that all of its power doesn't clutter your screen.

Because items on the bar are arranged in compact form and organized into groups, there is no need to navigate the bloated Windows 95 or Windows NT Start Menu either.

To take RipBAR for a Test Drive today, download one of our evaluation copies and if you like it, you can return here to Register Online!